A free Google Assistant Pokedex and Competitive Battle Application.

Get Started

Hey Google, Talk to Poké Partner

It's easy to get started. Ask Google to talk to PokéPartner then ask a question.

"What are Flying and Water type Pokemon weak to?"
"What is Pikachu weak to?"
"What's super effective against Fire Type Pokemon?"

Google Assistant
Companion App

Companion App

We realize that not everyone has access to Google Home or has the ability to communicate with voice all the time. Thus, the companion app was born.

Open Source

Constantly Evolving

Our project is open source and open accepting contributions. It will continue to evolve as more people get involved. PokéPartner uses C# .NET Core on the backend and the companion app is being built in Xamarin. All raw data comes from PokéApi.

Companion App Coming Soon!

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